Make A Wedding Website, Save The Trees!

Hey gorgeous! Everyone loves a nice wedding invitation with a touch of your bridal magic, but we promise you there is a way to keep the magic and make it easier to be organized. 

Have you ever thought of having a wedding website instead of invitations? It's unique, and besides the everlasting memory you will have, there are a lot of benefits when it comes to having a wedding website. So let's walk through them together so you can make the best decision for your big day!

Make a wedding website, save the trees!

Ok, let's be sustainable. As you can see from the title, besides the benefits you will have as a bride if you switch from invitations to a website, you can also bring good to nature! Less paper, more trees!

Communicate and let the list make itself 

Everything is one click away! You can send your save-the-date invitations digitally without worrying too much. Getting the confirmations, so you know how many people will attend can save you a lot of time. You'll have one place for everything wedding related your guests need to know, including updates. 

Let your guests make their choice!

Instead of having the same menu for everyone present at the wedding, by creating a website, you can make an online form and ask them for additional information, such as any allergies, if they are vegan/vegetarians, any food intolerances, etc. Then, your guests will be happy, and so will you! 

Convey additional information

You cannot write much information on a tiny piece of paper as the regular wedding invitations are. However, the details you place in one place and can arrive to all your guests in a second can save you a lot of time. In addition, by having a website, you will be able to offer them all they need to know to prepare for the wedding – details of the venue location, accommodation in case you have a destination wedding, and so much more. 

Set the tones and vibes of your wedding

Do you have a mood board for your wedding? Or maybe a theme? If so, you should set the tone for your big day. Then, let your guests know more about it so they can choose the outfits correctly! Let them blend in and be a part of your theme! 

An everlasting memory

Your wedding website will be an everlasting memory for you and your husband. All the steps you've gone through when organizing your wedding will live online for eternity, on your website, where you will reflect years from now when nostalgia comes your way. Did we tell you that there are some already made platforms that have a chat where guests can write messages or a gallery where you can upload the wedding pictures or send the wedding video link so people can view and download it? How cool is that?

We came up with some examples so we can ease your work: (by the way… this is where we personally built our wedding invite) 

The key to a great, organized day is to make your job easier, so you can enjoy every second of that day!

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