How To Choose A Wedding Planner

Hey gorgeous! We do not think there is a better word than ‘’hustle’’ that could describe your wedding day’s preparation. From invitations, to venues, to menus; to the program, or to photographers, DJs, or bands. When planning your wedding, you must think of everything, which will stress you a lot. You will have so many nights spent wide-awake if you decide to plan your wedding on your own, and after all the effort, you will still feel like something’s wrong and you could have done it differently.

So, why not think of hiring a wedding planner? Your life would be so much easier, and trust us, you will enjoy this whole process so much more, knowing that you have extra help that could put your ideas together. If you haven’t thought of a wedding planner before and you do not know how to choose it, let us give you some friendly tips & tricks.

Use your resources 

‘’Where do I start from?’’ If you have this in your mind, just look around. Ask your family and friends, and maybe some of them will have an answer to your question. 

Do some diggings 

Search their activity online and see if you find yourself in their work. After all, it’s the most important day in your love life we’re talking about, so you must find a wedding planner that matches your style.

Meet and greet

Before deciding based on the portfolio you saw online or on your closest ones’ opinions, make sure you meet up in person and discuss ideas.

Don’t skip anything

When you meet in person, ask a bunch of questions, everything you could think of. It’s your wedding! So don’t hesitate when it comes to your thoughts or ideas regarding this day. Present your ideas, Pinterest boards and all your crazy thoughts, observe their reactions and see if you’re a match!

Don’t rush

Make sure you and the planner share the same vision regarding your wedding. At the end of the day, your planner will be in charge of everything when it comes to this event. Isn’t that why you chose them? So, don’t rush! Think about it a hundred times before if you have to, and explore every choice you might have before choosing someone. It’s better to explore all of your options, rather than just one. Except the time when you have an instant connection! That’s a must when it comes to choosing your wedding planner.

Be careful

Don’t skip anything from the contract. Read it carefully from the beginning to the end. And if you do not agree with something, just talk to the planner. Maybe you could reach a common ground then sign it when everything comes together and when you are fully convinced that’s the person you want to be in charge of your wedding.

Let your heart decide

There are a lot of criteria when it comes to ‘’How to choose a wedding planner’’, we just brought together the most important key points. But now it’s up to you. Only you know exactly what and you and who vibes with you. So we just wanted to help you a little bit by giving you a push in this direction. Now, it’s your turn. But make sure you decide based on what your heart truly desires, because that’s when we, humans, make the best decisions – when we let ourselves be guided by our heart.

We love working with wedding planners because, believe it or not, we are the closest people around you on that most important day. A great wedding planner considers every vendor’s needs and tries to fit them into the schedule. So we’re thrilled to find out when one of the shooting times is placed at the exact sunset time. We’re happy when we don’t have to change the timeline because we work for the same purpose: your final image of that momentous day!

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