Shooting Ideas For Your Wedding

Hey gorgeous! Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. You will make everlasting memories, but you need to have creative people by your side to frame your emotions uniquely!

<Fellow photographers & videographers, we're sure you let your creativity flow during a wedding, but for the new ones in this beautiful industry... a little list never killed nobody. And what better way to do it if not through a fantastic photo & video shoot?> 

First, we have to underline that we love to film those emotions that are not aware of the camera. We direct so much in the music videos & commercials we make, so we want to let the action flow during a wedding day. But if we find a perfect light corner, be sure we'll ask you to film some actions there. 

You might be bored of the classic poses, and that's precisely why we selected some poses you can recreate on your big day! Over the years, when you look back at those videos or pictures, you will remember every smile, every tear, and every emotion that pierced your soul that day. So let us share these unique ideas and get creative together!

Close-ups never get old!

Close-ups are full of emotions! Just imagine you and your beloved one looking at your wedding photoshoot, living over and over again all the emotions you felt when you two kissed or held hands. That's the magic of a close-up of your holding hands and that moment before the kiss has. 

Movement is the key

Chasing each other and running together is always a great idea. So beautiful and pure. You and your partner are holding hands while running together towards eternity, after saying your most important "I do, " the eternity you two shall share."

Mix and Match 

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are essential in creating the most fun and creative moments in a wedding. The photo and video shoots with them can be in both worlds: elegant or crazy. Play with the dresses, drink, hug, switch personalities (boys can do what girls usually do and vice versa).

Family photos are essential

Some of the groom and bride don't want to do group photos but believe us, they are essential for your family to frame and treasure them for all the years to come.

Be bold and get away a bit from the action

Sunset is one of the best scenes to capture emotions in perfect light. So if you don't want to take time for an extra shooting day, get away from the action for a little bit to be just with the person you're getting married to (well, not alone: someone has to capture it so the photographer/s & videographer/s will be there too). 

You've got pets? Get them in!

Pets are unique and can simultaneously make a family portrait emotional and fun. Interacting with them and getting them in action is fantastic yet surprising. You never guess what the steps will be, but this is the beautiful part; enjoy and run, walk or pose sitting down, comfortable cuddling, and you will love the outcome. 

Let your emotions be free!

We love to catch those emotions unaware of the cameras, and we bet that many photographers and filmmakers also love that. So get your wedding party to move around – walk, skip, jump, or even cuddle – so you can take beautiful pictures of their contagious smiles and sincere kinships.

Take a seat

You can relax but also make great memories. Use a sofa if you're inside, and bring some chairs if you're outside. The relaxing way of seating brings us the image of an editorial in a fashion magazine. This type of pose never gets old!

Make your exit unforgettable!

You and your husband can exit your wedding reception while holding hands and holding floating lanterns above you by your guests, or they can throw petals for a dynamic exit. What an everlasting memory that deserves to be framed!

Your wedding is about you and your partner. The love you two are sharing. The emotions that run across your heart and soul that day. And these poses from above… Trust us, they will uniquely frame every piece of a feeling from your wedding day. And they will last for an eternity – just like the love you and your partner share. So more than anything, be sure you pick creative and artistic teams of photography and videography which can bring out the best in your wedding. But more about this we can talk about in a different article.

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