We see our short films and documentaries as a meticulously crafted trailers & films worthy of a cinema. It’s incredible to see the feedback: tears, laughter and emotions.

That’s when the hundreds of hour you put into crafting the films seem like minutes…

These minutes are our passion!

Vanessa & Ian

Wedding at Casa Malca, Tulum, Mexico

He’s from Toronto, she’s from San Francisco, but they decided to have their destination wedding in the Magical Tulum. Casa Malca's enchanting atmosphere added an extra layer of magic to the day. The blend of nature's wonders and human emotions created an unparalleled backdrop for the Vanessa and Ian’s journey into forever. We were proving one more time that what we do is not just about capturing memories; it's about being part of a love story that will be cherished for generations. We are lucky we get to live our DREAM and transform other dreams into films.

Diana & Patrick

Wedding at Chateau Bouffemont, Paris, France

Step into the enchanting world of Chateau Bouffemont in France, where Diana & Patrick’s love blossomed against the backdrop of a historic estate. The heart of this film had to be the ceremony. Immerse yourself in the emotional beat as the bride walks down the aisle of the breathtaking church. The ceremony, a timeless affair, is elevated by the profound connection between the bride and the priest, who has known her since she was a little girl. Witness the exchange of vows and heartfelt moments that transcend time, capturing the essence of a love story woven into the rich tapestry of Chateau Bouffemont.

Lena & Stefan

Wedding at Aman Hotel, Venice, Italy

In the heart of the romantic city of Venice, nestled along the serene Grand Canal, the famous Aman Hotel served as the enchanting backdrop for a truly unforgettable wedding. This luxurious hotel, renowned for its timeless elegance and opulent surroundings, provided the perfect setting for the intimate celebration of Lena and Stefan, a couple who had journeyed from Switzerland to have their ceremony in this magical destination. Surrounded by the shimmering waters and the historic charm of Venice, their wedding was a blend of Swiss sophistication and Venetian allure, creating a day that will forever be etched in the hearts of all who attended.

Jaime & Vartan

Wedding at Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza, Spain

… 3, 2, 1 aaaand Action!

Scene: Friends and family from different places united under the Ibiza sun, celebrating love in Hacienda Na Xamena - a breathtaking cliffside setting with the most amazing view of the Mediterranean.

Starring: Jaime and Vartan are strikingly handsome, as if they were plucked from the pages of a magazine. Their captivating looks are only matched by their equally charming and charismatic personalities, making even their own exceptional presence seem somewhat modest.

Diana & Andrei

Venice wedding film

Diana & Andrei are a special couple, she is an online content creator and he is an architect. They told us that they want an intimate wedding in Venice, the city to which they have a special connection. Like their story, it didn't have everything it needed to be memorable: emotion and party.

Ioana & Andrei

Wedding at Snagov Palace in Bucharest

Step into a fairy tale where love reigns supreme and dreams come alive. We had the honor of capturing an extraordinary wedding at a magnificent castle, where every moment unfolded like a timeless romance. The bride, a visionary wedding planner herself, orchestrated a breathtaking celebration filled with creative wonders and breathtaking surprises. From beautiful ceremony setting to elegant tables adorned with cascading florals, every detail was a testament to the couple's passion for crafting extraordinary experiences.

Evelyn & Julius

Wedding at Chateau du Fey in France

One of Evelyn & Julius’s favorite novel is the little Prince. As you all know, the source of the prince's love is his sense of responsibility toward his beloved rose. We find it magical, because it’s the same feeling we have towards all the stories we transform into lifetime memories. People from all corners of the globe had gathered to celebrate this special occasion. Evelyn & Julius’s emotional ceremony took place near a majestic 1000-year-old tree, standing as a timeless witness to their love.

Gina & Andrei

Emotional day and crazy night in Snagov

In a breathtaking new location, we had the privilege of capturing a wedding that transcended boundaries and ignited the senses. The event was a convergence of artistic brilliance, with an array of artistic people joining forces to create an unforgettable spectacle. It was an honor to be a part of their special day, especially considering Ionut's role in directing many of the groom's iconic music videos and this personal touch was magical. This wedding was a testament to the boundless beauty of love, music, and the collective creativity that unites us all.

Bianca & Alex

Wedding at Villa Balbiano in Lake Como, Italy

Corinthians 13 is the chapter that covers the subject of Love and it’s every word is full of meaning. Bianca & Alex started a new chapter in Lake Como. With its pristine azure waters and picturesque landscapes, Lake Como provided the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding. Nestled on the shores of this idyllic lake, the couple chose the renowned Villa Balbiano as the venue for their special day. This historic villa, known for its timeless elegance and captivating charm, offered an extraordinary setting for their celebration.

Alexandra @& Simon

Intimate destination wedding in Abu Dhabi

It’s always amazing to go back to Nurai Island and we got again the confirmation that British people know how to party. Alexandra and Samuel have chose Abu Dhabi for their destination wedding. Inspired by the couple's elegance and their love for adventure, we infused the film with a James Bond mood, capturing every moment with an undeniable sense of intrigue and allure. From the sun-kissed shores to the lavish reception, this island wedding epitomized the perfect blend of sophistication, intimacy, and a touch of daring romance.

Amalia & Nicu

Wedding in beautiful Transilvania

Amalia & Nicu are a Romanian couple living in London that journeyed back to their homeland to celebrate their wedding. Set against the backdrop of Romania's picturesque landscapes, their special day was a testament to their love. As the couple prepared for their ceremony, a deeply emotional moment awaited them—their first look. With nervous anticipation, they stood facing each other, their eyes filled with love and excitement. Time seemed to stand still as they exchanged glances, their hearts overflowing with emotions that words could hardly express.

TOBU's 15

15 years Wedding Anniversary at Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi

Get ready to want to have a anniversary destination wedding. It was a great honor to travel to Nurai Island and film another kind of a wedding film, the one that is about the “ever after”. After fifteen beautiful years, they stood before their loved ones, hand in hand, ready to reaffirm their vows and ignite the flames of love once more. The celebration was not just a reflection of their love, but also a testament to the unyielding strength of family and friends who had traveled far and wide to commemorate their union. In this jubilant gathering, the presence of a Higher Power could be felt, like a guiding hand that had orchestrated this divine celebration.

LA's first Party

Twins Christening day in Cluj, Romania

We don’t film that many christening events, but had the honor of documenting this enchanting event, meticulously planned and beautifully executed at the couple's exquisite restaurant in Cluj - Casa Boema. The venue was magically transformed into a captivating garden, brimming with a kaleidoscope of flowers. Our lenses also took us to their breathtaking horse stud, where the couple's passion for these majestic creatures truly came to life. Witnessing their dedication to passing down this love to their adorable twin girls was an inspiration in itself.

Theresa & Dallas

Wedding in PalmSprings

For their wedding, Theresa and Dallas chose Palm Springs, the place that looks like a movie set, and everywhere you walk you expect someone to say “aaaand Action”! The days we’ve spent together felt like a beautiful journey with friends. They have carried us through all the emotions as their wedding gathered friends from different states and the energy was pure joy, just how we like it.

Roxana & Tinu

The EPIC wedding

Because Tinu & Roxana are doing the most EPIC parties in Timisoara, we knew that this wedding would be a party itself. Their love is so inspiring and we are lucky we got to frame their emotions in their most important day. It was amazing to watch trough our lenses so many beautiful souls being there for them partying tike there’s no tomorrow.

Rock’s baptism

Let’s rock and #frameemotions

We had Alina Ceusan in front of the camera on a project for Nivea, and since then we have fallen in love with her beautiful energy. We admire her and Raul immensely and we were sorry that the wedding date was booked on our calendar. When he called us to frame Rock's first party, we said YES, even though there were few baptisms we filmed. Everything was organized to be like a mini-festival, and we felt like a day at a festival with friends.

Andra & Daniel

Blessed wedding in Cluj

We knew Andra from the perspective of a model, filming with her for a special music video with Smiley. So when we got the call to frame her and Daniel’s emotions on their most important day, we were honored and excited. The day felt like a roller-coaster, mainly because the Same Day Edit had to be done by midnight. It was a beautiful challenge, and looking back at that day, we wish we had more hours to film their love.

Iulia & Liviu

Love is a song played on repeat

Liviu is a Romanian artist we worked with, but we also got closer as friends. We were honored the day he called us to film his wedding. And the day was pure magic! It all started with an emotional first look and continued with an unforgettable party. Because there were a lot of people in the music industry present, they danced a lot and couldn't help but take the microphone in their hands to sing.

Alex & Alex


Love is not to be hidden, forbidden, or canceled. We’ve expressed this in this wedding ceremony film, a metaphor we hope will bring courage to everyone. Alex & Alex decided to have their ceremony during pandemic times, and they have shown us that nothing can stop their moment and the promises they wanted to make to each other. So be proud of your love, hold hands, and live life as a good person. Let’s make this world a better place!

Oana & Paul

Pure emotional connection in Arad

Oana & Paul had their ceremony at a small church, and they were blessed by Oana’s uncle. Seeing her feel every one of his heart whelming words through our lenses had us in tears. She is a ray of sunshine, he is very calm, but together are so inspiring, and we are lucky they chose us to be there on their most important day.

Nat & Chester

Love under the city lights in Hong Kong

Nat is a well-known influencer in Hong Kong, and we knew that she would fill at home in front of our cameras, but Chester impressed us because, from the moment we’ve met them, he gave us the impression that he would feel shy, but getting to talk and film, the groom acted like he was in the spotlight all his life. It all felt like a walk in the park, or precisely… a night walk in beautiful Hong Kong.

Ioana & Claudiu

Cat walk at Snagov

When we rewatch this Same day Edit film, we have the image of Ioana & Claudiu watching it holding hands near their closest people at the end of the party. Ioana & Claudiu are a fantastic couple that wowed us with their beautiful energy, and Tomy the cat… we can’t help but mention him because he felt like a star in front of our camera. Unfortunately, Ionut didn’t even get to eat that night because the time was so short of finishing the Same Day Edit, but we are proud of the turnout, and the feedback was flattering.

Amina & Alex

A little world in Dubai

Alex & Amina are such an inspiring couple. We are so grateful they let their emotions flow in front of our camera and at the recording session we have with every groom and bride. Their wedding was so intimate; we tried so hard not to tear up as Amina was crying, sharing her feelings about Alex. It was located on a small beautiful island, and it felt so intimate, just like having their little world in Dubai. This is a “Same Day Edit” video, and the reactions were just magical; it was a perfect way to end a fantastic day.

Monica & Petre

A man’s tears tell a thousand words

Monica & Petre have one of the most innocent loves we’ve witnessed; their love feels like that first love you never forget. They told us one of the most awaited moments from the wedding would be when they see each other at the church, and wow, Petre’s reaction was pure magic. We believe that his emotions in slow motion actually reveal his thoughts. It was like he had been waiting for this moment his whole life. Likewise, the Same Day Edit was pure magic, and we got chills from the reactions because it was also incredible to film at the exact location just a month after our own wedding.

Kelli & David

Love makes an ocean disappear in Costa Brava

Kelli is American, David is Spanish, they made an ocean disappear with their inspiring love story, and we are lucky they chose us to film their most memorable day in Costa Brava. The location, el Far de Sant Sebastià, was excellent, and after the emotional ceremony, the place was transformed into a party that ended with David DJing. It was amazing to see two cultures blending together on the soundtrack of Spanish guitars.

Love can heat Iceland

We love hearing vows, filming intimate ceremonies, and witnessing the most honest looks, touches, and steps. Iceland has a particular spot in our hearts, and after all the music videos we’ve filmed there, we were thrilled to film a real love story that melts the ice.