We see our short films and documentaries as a meticulously crafted trailers & films worthy of a cinema. It’s incredible to see the feedback: tears, laughter and emotions.

That’s when the hundreds of hour you put into crafting the films seem like minutes…

These minutes are our passion!

Theresa & Dallas

Wedding in PalmSprings

Diana & Andrei

Venice wedding film

Iulia & Liviu

Love is a song played on repeat

Rock’s baptism

Let’s rock and #frameemotions

We had Alina Ceusan in front of the camera on a project for Nivea, and since then we have fallen in love with her beautiful energy. We admire her and Raul immensely and we were sorry that the wedding date was booked on our calendar. When he called us to frame Rock's first party, we said YES, even though there were few baptisms we filmed. Everything was organized to be like a mini-festival, and we felt like a day at a festival with friends.

Roxana & Tinu

The EPIC wedding

Andra & Daniel

Blessed wedding in Cluj

Alex & Alex


Oana & Paul

Pure emotional connection in Arad

Nat & Chester

Love under the city lights in Hong Kong

Ioana & Claudiu

Cat walk at Snagov