What makes a wedding ceremony special?

Hey gorgeous! Have you ever gone to a wedding ceremony that you felt was similar to the last one you attended? If yes, surely you want something different. Something that you and your guests will remember forever as unique. A wedding ceremony that it’s not like what you have seen before. 

And after all, who says that only the reception or the party could be fun? There is literally no reason your ceremony shouldn’t be as fun as the both of them. You just have to personalize it, so that, at the end of the day, you could say, ‘’That was so me!’’. Because it’s your wedding we are talking about, and we want you to have the most memorable wedding ceremony. And for that, we have some ideas that you might consider if you don’t know where to start.

Make it say ‘’You’’

Your wedding ceremony is something personal. So intimate. You don’t have to do what others have done. You can create your own ceremony by starting from scratch or you could even take a ceremony format you find yourself in and then customize it to your own vision. Just make sure your wedding ceremony totally represents you, so just put your heart and soul in it and we promise, everything will be perfect, as you will connect your soul to this ceremony. It will become a part of you. When it comes to your wedding ceremony, you should personalize the program. Just make it however you want! It does not have to match other weddings. Just leave your mark; it’s your wedding day!

Did somebody say ‘’officiant’’?

It’s no secret that every wedding needs an officiant, but you shouldn’t take the first one you crossed pathways with. If you don’t have your own officiant, just find one you share a connection with, as he will be the one who will unite you and your partner’s heart together in the eyes of God. 

Excited about the wedding rings?

Choosing your wedding rings is as hard as planning the whole wedding, and that's only because the rings are one of the most important symbols when it comes to weddings. They are bounding you and your partner forever. Your souls, hearts and minds. They are all becoming one. Love has that magic of taking two and making a whole. Two hearts that met each other when they expected less will be united forever. And what is more symbolic than a wedding ring for their unity? Nothing. So, centralize the exchange of the rings, as it’s the purest symbol of your love. And centralizing this would make your ceremony even special! And yes, you’ll have them for your entire life, sooooo… choose wisely! 

Less is better

Do you feel your wedding ceremony is too short? No worries about that! If you have exactly what you want, don’t include other things just to fill up the time. Less is better! You don’t want to ruin your ceremony with things you don’t even want! Just stick to what’s important and what will give the wedding ceremony a touch of you. Just sparkle your magic over it and we promise, it will be purely marvelous.

One last letter before the marriage or vows

Before you go down the aisle:

  1. Write a letter to your partner.
  2. Tell him everything you have been feeling since you met him.
  3. Don't hesitate!

Those are the last words you say to him as his fiance; soon you will be his wife. Just make it personal! It would be amazing if he does the same thing. Or write your own vows! Surely you feel overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start from, but you want the perfect vows. And you won’t find them on the internet. Write whatever comes through your mind. Keep it short, sweet and funny. But be original, it’s your wedding ceremony after all!

Exit in style

Your entrance will be breathtaking, as everyone will be looking at how stunning you are. But this does not mean your exit shouldn’t be as amazing as your entrance was. Give your guests sparklers so they can wave them as you exit. This time you won’t be alone. You will be with your husband, and suddenly everything will be better. The time will stop for you to embrace each other and bound your hearts forever.

Be sure these all emotions will be captured in the film, and after years, it will be fantastic to remember the feelings you felt during those precious moments. So make sure it’s your moment, just like you’ve dreamed of it! It’s just yours, no matter the audience around it! Make it count! 

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