Start seeing through your client’s eyes!

Every artist wants to have his own vision of a story, but how many actually take time to understand each couple’s personalities and transcend it in the material?

Often we’re asked how we work with our clients, how we get to understand their story. The truth is: there is no secret, everything you need to know is actually in their needs!

We truly think there is one important thing you should carry with you: start seeing through the couple’s eyes! Also, here are some advices we’ve put together:

  • Get to know their story, how they met, what they like about each other. 

With these answers in your mind, you know what to hunt. Maybe there are some gestures they do that are very important to them, look and capture! 

  • Hunt emotions not compositions. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love searching for beautiful compositions and angles, but in the lasting memories what truly matters are the emotions you capture.

  • Find out what is the most important for them. 

The wedding day is something they (especially the bride) has been dreaming about all their life. Therefore, their vision is what counts. Make sure you know what are the most important moments of the day, who are the key people in the wedding, what makes it special for them. 

  • Make sure to be there when the big moments are happening.

Remember, you’re a hunter and there are some big “deers” to catch. The hunt is more fun if you know your “playground” and it’s better to find out ahead what moments are in their imagination. 

  • You’re working for their memories, not your portfolio.

Even if you want to have an “Oscar film”, your “actors” are doing this only one time, and you can’t have many takes on this “set”. The most important thing in this beautiful job is to do things with passion and always remember it's about them, not you. Have fun, this will truly reflect in your work. 

In this world full of creative people, if you’re meant to connect, you will, so make this incredible for them!

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