Love walk and cat walk

“See their work and identify yourselves with it. If it makes you tear up and cry, Bingo! ” Ioana - the bride

We wouldn’t know where to begin to describe Ioana and Claudiu’s wedding day, it seemed like a continuous beautiful spell. Why this chose of words? Well, you would really understand if you press play and see Ioana’s gorgeous eyes and their magic chemistry.

Starting with the morning of their most important day we knew we had to have tissues on us, capturing the emotions of their loved ones seeing them getting ready it was a true treasure, but the fireworks started when they had their #firstlook on the bench of a river witnessed only by our cameras.

Claudiu’s calm and patience and Ioana’s natural personality made our job so easy. At the end of the night, when we projected the #samedayedit film, we were blown away of all the emotions. This was truly an epic end of the night, watching them and their loved ones looking at the film, it was the best reward in an inception moment.

The event was perfectly organized by @Maison Dadoo and we've teamed up with @Grabazei Photography for the creative process. What a day!

As we always want to give insights, Ioana answered our questions. You will definitely find some tips and tricks for your most important day! Enjoy

1: Describe the wedding. How did de preparations go?

We started preparing for the wedding one year in advance; the priority, or how we saw it at that point was to find the perfect location. We wanted something indoor and outdoor at the same time, as we had been to too many weddings where the guests would just sit outside, smoke and socialize and left the dance floor empty:)

After 2-3 months of intensive location scouting, we decided on Club Snagov, a location that perfectly fitted our objectives. There was just one small hoop, all the Saturdays were taken and we had to choose from 2-3 Sundays; imagine we were trying to scout the location one year before the actual event. At first, we were a bit hesitant with having our wedding on a Sunday, thinking that most of the guests would have to leave early and so on, but we later discovered that actually, it was towards our advantage, as most of the suppliers we wanted were fully booked on Saturdays as well, plus we said to ourselves "we are having a small wedding, with very close family members and friends, so our guests will stay because of us, no matter what day it would be"

The second part in preparing the wedding was finding the right band; we had a lot of recommendations from friends and made a decision quite easy. We had one performing act by Dimitri & Ecaterini, who we highly recommend, and the main band was LOV - here, unfortunately, their manager did a very poor job with organizing his team and his staff and almost ruined our wedding. What we recommend here to future brides and grooms is to be very careful with what they say they can do and what they actually do, and always have everything in writing. The band was very nice, but due to poor managerial skills, we wouldn't recommend it. We were saved by our wedding planner... however this is another service which, in our opinion is a must, as you want to enjoy your wedding and not run around making sure everything goes as planned.

2. We all know know the research is the hardest part of the planning. How was that for you?

Overall, the preparations were rigorous and researched, we asked for offers from many suppliers, made a TCO (total cost of ownership), made a SWOT analysis for every one of them, compared and analyzed and made sure we took the best decisions. We are both perfectionists, in our case the groom more than the bride. Hint: Prepare to have fights and don't worry they will eventually go away.

3. What would you do and what not, if you had to organize the wedding again?

We actually thought about what would we regret after the wedding, adding this or not adding that, but to our surprise, there isn't anything we would change about the wedding. In the end, it was exactly what we wanted.

4. How was the night?

The night was magical. celebrating our love in a perfect place surrounded by all the people we love. Making memories that will last a lifetime and starting our beautiful family! 

5. Describe the collaboration with us.

We had a very good working relationship with our photography and video teams. We were lucky enough to discover @Grabazei Photography, who led us to discover @Art and Roses. We were immediately smitten with their work and we knew that was exactly what we wanted for our wedding day. A big plus was also the fact that all the guests would see the wedding video after the cake, that won us over completely plus we really loved their work. 

Actually, before discovering these two teams we didn't focus so much on photo and video, as everything we saw seemed the same, but once we saw their work and the emotions that they communicate through it, we knew we just had to have them at our wedding.

And as we expected, they did not disappoint, not one bit, the video was perfect, it made everybody at the wedding cry and the photographs really captured what we felt and all the love that surrounded us.

6. What advice would you give to other future groom and bride that are looking for a videography team for their wedding day?

Research! Look for something special, forget about all the special packages with cranes and other accessories. Plus see their work and identify yourselves with it. If it makes you tear up and cry, Bingo! 

- wedding planner: Alexandru Dadoo from @Maison Dadoo

- photo team: @Grabazei Photography

- Dress: @Inbal Dror

- Shoes: @Aquazzura 

- Suit: @Cacharel

- Wedding location: @Club Snagov

- Flowers: Maison Dadoo

- Special guests the cats - Brutus & Tommy  @pussicarios  🙂

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