Family is all that matters

“It was so fun getting to see our little world from the outside. We felt so much love and happiness seeing these moments we get to hold onto forever.” - Dena

If we had to make a family lockdown guide, it will have 3 simple rules. Be on the same page, set up a structure, get a little crazy in your house. Yes, you’re right, this is a hard situation we’re dealing with, but if our grandparents had to go at war in their hardest times, all we have to do is sit on a couch. 

Even if you’re a couple or a family in in quarantine, it’s important to keep your positivity and stay on the same page with your loved one, start improving, appreciate more. You don’t want to start disagreeing, you have only the person next to you, so keep it simple. Even when not in quarantine, its important to have a structure, but especially now, make some ground rules, who’s doing what, work together so you protect your good state of mind and learn how to be happy at home just with your loved ones. Most of all, what really matters is to keep your vibe up, get a little crazy and have fun, dance, sing, create fun and creative activities, cause nobody’s watching! 😉

Almost 7 months ago we were in Minnesota where we shot a beautiful family video with Dena, Cody, Alden and Winona, a beautiful family of four that have amazed us with their beautiful bound. They are very creative and we wanted to find out how is this all “stay at home” story in their perspective. Therefore, we asked Dena some questions, read the answers below and get some inspiration if you’re at home with your kids and are looking for some fun activities. And while you’re here, watch their story - a beautiful day in their life, and after you watch it, call your dear ones and tell them you love them, this is what we got from this film: pure emotions!

- Why do you think is important to stay at home?

Because what’s more important than your friends or families health? Why even take a chance to risk spreading something when you can make the decision to stay home? 

- We believe that in these times we should focus more on the positive things. Let’s bring out some great memories with your family.

Alden loves playing outside and finding insects and snakes. He hates getting wet though. Yesterday he fell in a mud puddle. He was so angry but quickly started laughing so hard because of the sound his rubber boots were making. We laughed so hard. 

Another very fun memory recently is our 10 month started walking! 

- What are the moments you appreciate on your everyday activities with your family?

Our weekend morning routine. Alden will wake up and come downstairs to our bed. Then we just hang out as a family. It’s the best.

- Name some fun activities to inspire other families who are home now.

Oh my. I have so many. Pinterest is full of ideas. Sensory play is so important. Buy some noodles, uncooked, and fill a large container. Then add spoons, bowls and toys and let your kid go to town!! We also have tried edible playdoh! (My son actually never plays with it he just eats it). Or making some Easter decorations out of your kids hand and foot prints. Another favorite is collecting items outside, rocks, pine needles, leaves, and painting with those objects. Alden also loves when we fill the sink with a little water and give him toys and cups to play with. Just make sure to lay down a towel, and let them get messy! 

- What are the lessons you want your kids to learn while staying at home?

I really just want them to get used to this new normal we have to live with for awhile. For them to not worry and to have carefree fun at home. It’s not often we get days on end to spend with one another. So just giving them that extra attention and love is so important right now. 

- Your family video reflects a day in your life. What did you feel when you first saw it?

It was so fun getting to see our little world from the outside. We felt so much love and happiness seeing these moments we get to hold onto forever. Time with kids goes by so fast and this video captured such sweet moments. We don’t have a video of our wedding or anything like that, so this was the greatest gift. We will cherish it forever because it will freeze a moment in time for us to look back on. 

- What advices would you give to families around the globe during this period?

Stay strong. Get outside. Be grateful. Breathe. We’re all doing our best. Your kids aren’t going to remember their homework, or hard times. Their going to remember being home more, getting more sleep, more family time, more fun activities, more love. Just do your best to create a new normal for your kids. Also, make sure to be patient with yourself, and do your best to see the silver linings.

This is the period that should unite us, even if we’re told to keep the distance. If you can help others, do it! This is why we want to take this opportunity to show you an incredible story, and while you sit on a couch, if you want to do something good for someone that needs it more than you, read Robert’s story and Help!

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